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30 Minute World (三十分钟世界 Sānshí fēnzhōng shìjiè) is a written and illustrated series based off a form of a real online game.

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"There is no such thing as "another world" in the reality world. With new technology, people can't create such a dimension so big that it could end in great effect for the real world. But even if there was another world, it is still reality as is. It does not consist of new laws, but laws in reality. You can't do things you can't do in reality, that's all there is to it."

"Because students are likely experiments in some portions, high schools and colleges uses a privilege to create a world through technology that consists of achievements that can be attained through various aspects. First time use of this world creation, what will be in this world that is only 30 minutes long? Each day they can play, plan, or progress their works in order to beat other schools and colleges for only 30 minutes."

"So how did this world get created? School technology... game technology combined. Students each have their own identity numbers, so in order to keep everyone's privacy, staff members used 0010 in the front, a number (1-8) to represent their grade levels in the middle, and their original one in the end. For example, 001045623217. 0010 is some binary information while the number 4 is used for High School Grade 4. If it's a College Year 4, then it is an 8. If there is a College Year 5 or more, the student will have a letter: 8A. So the identity number was 5623217."

"Students also use screen names to keep their real names unknown. They can change their names once they join a SCHOOL CLUB in the 30 Minute World or if they have 5000 Points to buy a Change Name Card. Teachers are not allowed to go in the world, but they have their own computers to track each students' locations and doings. Teachers can track their own students in their classes and can randomly make an announcement for the specified person. The principal and the vice principal are the only ones who can enter the world with their real names."

"There are several options to gain achievements and level up. There is a split category for everything - the brains and the brawns - and each student can do anything to level up or make them through the toplist in all competing schools. You can stay in the SCHOOL CLUB, play a racing game, planning things for school, or any other things that is available in that world. However if students who created a screen name in the 30 Minute World do not want to go participate anymore, they can quietly study or work on other things in reality as well."

"The schools only made this world to see who is capable of beating other schools in a different mind."

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