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Head Accessories are accessories itself but can be used for couples only. They are placed on the top of each students' heads and can be disabled if the couples do no want to display them.


As new couples, students cannot buy head accessories yet until they reach to three days. Once reached, they can choose to buy them or not at all because it is not necessary.

Head accessories can be changed and re-bought once expired. This does not mean that each couple has a different head accessory since there are some couples that have the same ones.

Types of Head AccessoriesEdit

There are types of head accessories that each couples would want to represent. They are split into these categories:

  • Ring Head Accessories - represents each couples more than the rings. They are composed of different kinds of rings placed as head accessories.
  • Personality Head Accessories - represents each couples' personality. These head accessories can be what couples like together or what suits them correctly.

Known Head AccessoriesEdit