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Racing Cars (赛车 Sàichē) are one of the main uses for the 30 Minute World. It is recommended for students to own one so they can complete achievements and rank in the top list.


The whole concept of the Brawn and Brains Modes center the idea of the experiment for the 30 Minute World. Schools and universities established "racing" as part of trying to let students compete with one another in a race of who is the fastest and who is the hard worker.

A Racing Car is the number one subject for the Brawn Mode. Students would need one to play some sort of "race" based on abilities and skills, especially to test if they are reliable for achievements.

Car RanksEdit

Car Ranks are sometimes referred to as "Car Grades". Ranks do not always mean which car compared to the other is fastest.

There are a few types of cars: SS cars are the fastest and the rarest to get, A cars represent the second fastest and are sometimes easy to obtain, B cars are one of the fastest and easy to get, and C cars are the lowest (but if upgraded, it could also be fast. It could also be fast depending on the experience of the student), KO represents skating shoes once Level 85 unlocks the mode.

Car StatsEdit

Car Stats are composed of regular and base stats as well (check Stats for characters) for the racing car. Skating shoes also use the same car stats.

There are 6 car stats: Ignition Device, Engine Unit, Fuel System, Intake System, Max Speed, and Combat Power. The first four stats are for upgrades which can greatly increase the stats for the car. Each of them can only raise the stat up to 50 while Combat Power is out of 1000.

For Max Speed (km/h), this will be the fastest speed in the character's time in a long map ride for that specified car. If a student is new or just bought a new car, their car's Max Speed will be the base speed that it came with. Even if the student did not or could not break that speed, the base speed will still show as placeholder. It is not easy to break a base speed of that car just by using it, but students that could break the speed will have their Max Speed shown.

Known CarsEdit

SS Cars
A Cars
B Cars
C Cars
KO Skating Shoes