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SCHOOL CLUBS are especially capitalized for the different purposes of school clubs in real life. SCHOOL CLUBS accept members and works like a Guild like games. They are social places for students to join as a family for interaction, contribution, and many more.


A SCHOOL CLUB is a private community of a collection of students who work together to play, study, and participate for events.

Students can either join a SCHOOL CLUB through recruitment from other students or members of that SCHOOL CLUB or through the recruitment listing, or create their own. Students can join other guilds once they reach level 20.

SCHOOL CLUB InterfaceEdit

The interface or menu contains various information about the SCHOOL CLUB. Students can check it while at their SCHOOL CLUB or through the tab pages of their Student Profiles.

The information tab contains:

  • The guild name.
  • The creator's name (leader).
  • Date of establishment.
  • Number of members, maximum capacity, and online members.
  • Guild level and emblem.
  • SCHOOL CLUB Zone accessibility.
  • Leave SCHOOL CLUB button.


As the SCHOOL CLUB levels, new positions will be unlocked. Positions can be renamed to accommodate with the theme of the SCHOOL CLUB of up to eight ranks, including the leader.

The leader and administrator of the SCHOOL CLUB's are able to write announcements and notes for members, recruit and accept members, expel members, and change the ranks of other members. All members, including regular ones, are allowed to speak in the SCHOOL CLUB and participate in events.

The leader has access to all privileges and controls the entire SCHOOL CLUB's functions, such as disbanding the SCHOOL CLUB entirely. They may not remove their own privileges and give them to co-leaders or administrators of the SCHOOL CLUB.



Not all SCHOOL CLUBs will have emblems next to their club name. Emblems are only available to symbolize the SCHOOL CLUB. Some SCHOOL CLUBs will not want to use an emblem of any way.


The SCHOOL CLUB Zone is a site or area that all members have access to rest or stay if they do not want to play any games or study. New members are restricted from entering the first day of joining the SCHOOL CLUB.