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Shuang Qian Shan University College (双千山大学 Shuāng Qiān Shān Dà Xué) is an Advanced and Systematic University College affiliated with the 30 Minute World system technology, as well as a normal and advanced university college with an acceptance rate of 6.5%. The university is located in the province of Liaoning, China. It is also known as an elite college that somewhat produces a number of postgraduates.


Shuang Qian Shan University College is a 4.5 star rated university college of Liaoning, China. The university consists of freshman in college to seniors and above (postgraduates) or students trying to attain professional degrees and more.


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  • The university's Chinese etymology Shuang (双) means "dual" or "double". The name behind it is still a bit unknown. Qian Shan (千山) is used to represent the town 千山 of Liaoning.
  • The university was originally a regular and upper class university until it affiliated with the Advanced and Systematic Technology Organization's property of enabling the 30 Minute World. It is now part of the schools listed with the 30 Minute World system that encourages students to study and earn achievements. Students who take participation are part of rankings with other schools that enabled the 30 Minute World as well.


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