Student Profiles (学生资料 Xuéshēng zīliào) are basic profiles for students to have in the 30 Minute World. It is as important as real world Identity Numbers and Personal Information.


Each student would have their own student profile in the 30 Minute World. Other students can click on the specified student and check their profiles for stats, achievements, and other things. A student can hide or display their Identity Numbers, Losses/Wins, Stats, etc.

Student InformationEdit

Real world student information is not placed in the right side of the Student Profile. Information about the student in the 30 Minute World is visible and can be disabled for display.

  • The Screen Name is an important factor in the profile. It simply displays the name of the student and cannot be disabled.
  • The Achievement Title comes right below the Screen Name. Students can select other Achievement Titles for display that they had completed or not use any at all.
  • Levels are one below it. It plainly displays the level of the student and cannot be disabled.
  • VIP Status can be shown or be blank if one's not a VIP.
  • Below that is the Identity Number and can be shown or disabled. When disabled, it only hides the real identity number but openly views the first few prefixes as : 0010 [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 8A].
  • The Description or Signature is the last thing students could see on their profile at the bottom. Students can write anything on their own description box.

Other InformationEdit

But having only the student information really isn't all there is to the Student Profile. There is another tab page that views the students' wins and losses or other information from the 30 Minute World.

  • The first thing students can see in this tab page is how much mini games/racing/studies they have been to/joined/attended/played since their first day of the 30 Minute World. This can be disabled.
    • If not disabled, a student can click on the total number of games/racing/studies and view the wins and losses. Since racing only come in players of 6 to 8, it will count getting 4th to 8th place as a loss. It will display how many times the specified student won first, second, and third.
  • Sometimes the 30 Minute World allows students to accept "apprentices" of other students lower than Level 50. A student who is a "master" is recommended to be above Level 80. On that note, Master Points will be displayed and others could view the specified student's apprentice(s).
  • Interacting Points come below the Master Points. Numbers can increase when a student talks with other students or participate in modes as a team or relay. Interacting Points increases faster when students couple.
  • Equipment is found below Interacting Points. Other students can view what the specified student is wearing/equipping, such as the car or wings.
  • At the very bottom shows how many Points (Money System), Lucky Points, and Real World Money. When trying to disable them for display, a student can only hide the Real World Money.


SCHOOL CLUB information is visible on the next tab page. It simply shows the name, level, and date formation of the SCHOOL CLUB the specified student resides in. Losses and wins to other SCHOOL CLUBs can be seen, as well as the leader's Screen Name and the description.

Car InformationEdit

Car Information can be found in the next tab page. This is where most students look at other than the other information in the front tab pages.

Students usually look at this tab page because they want to know how many cars the specified student obtained or owned. It is also good practice if a new student wants to know which car is one of the best or popular.

Car Information can be disabled for display if a student does not want others to look at how many cars they own.

Study InformationEdit

Similar to the Car Information, it is the next tab page that shows all the studying stats in the Brains Mode or the School Weapon.

This tab page consists of a lot of statistics, including a Daily Ranking in the Brains Mode. Students can disable this whole tab page for display as well.


This tab page is not the least important, but students who strive for achievements all the time would always care about how many other achievements other students earned. This tab page cannot be disabled.

  • The first numbers students will see are the Achievement Points. Achievement Points altogether is exactly 9000 Points.
  • Below the Achievement Points presents how many Achievements the specified student earned out of 200.
  • Next to the Achievement Points and total number of achievements earned is a button that compares what achievements a student need to complete in order to balance to 0 with that specified student.
  • Below the Achievement Points and total number is a display of all the achievements in icons. Colored ones means that the specified student completed it and gray-scaled ones are incomplete.


Stats are placed on the bottom left side of the student's world screen when viewing a Student Profile. It is shown on all tab pages.

Students each have their own stats for the 30 Minute World. For Brains Mode, students only need to use their Intellect or their Intellect in the real world. The Brawn Mode focuses on two particular stats; Speed and Acceleration. Together, students use Control, Experience, and Combat Power for all of the 30 Minute World. They are all based out of 10.

Speed - Speed is often used for the Brawn Mode for racing. This depends on the student or the car itself. A "Max Speed" stat affects how fast the character runs at its maximum dashing speed or the car's.

Acceleration - Basic Acceleration would need the student's ability on friction and inertia. Acceleration stat affects how fast the student achieves its maximum speed, both standing and running.

Control - Students should have full control on all modes. Control stat affects how effectively the student change its running or combat ability.

Intellect - While the student is on Brains Mode, their brains should be spinning around forcefully. Intellect stat affects how the student use tools or strategy.

Experience - Having no experience in any of the modes will cause a great effect to all the other stats. This depends if the student enters the 30 Minute World in a timely matter that will not greatly damage the proper proficiency of the student.

Combat Power - This one is not likely a stat in both the student and a car's. This determines how well students use the car or the school weapon for those modes. All combat powers are out of 1000.