List of TerminologiesEdit

Terminologies are all in alphabetical order.

30 Minute World - the world that students enter to achieve things, tested by staff members and school superintendents. It is only 30 minutes of time and can be entered every day at school.

Achievements - some students choose to complete it and some don't. Mostly used for students to go through the toplist for competitions with other high schools/universities. There are currently 200 Achievements for all students.

Achievement Points - different meaning for Points. When students complete an achievement, they can earn achievement points depending on the difficulty of that achievement. The highest achievement point is 9000.

Achievement Titles - titles that can be displayed under the Screen Name. A student can enable the title or disable it for display.

Car Ranks - sometimes referred to as "Car Grades" since it is not about which car is the best. There are a few types of cars: SS cars are the fastest, A cars represents second fastest, B cars are one of the fastest and easy to get, and C cars are the lowest (but if upgraded, it could also be fast. It could also be fast depending on the experience of the student), KO represents skating shoes, and M9 represents motors.

Car Stats - composed of stats as well (check Stats in terminologies) for the racing car and skating shoes some of the time. There are 6 car stats: Ignition Device, Engine Unit, Fuel System, Intake System, Max Speed, and Combat Power.

Change Name Card - the purpose is to change the current Screen Name of the student. Students can earn it by joining a SCHOOL CLUB or with 5000 Points to buy it.

Couple System - this is one of the reasons why a lot of students like to enter the 30 Minute World. If students couple they can earn achievement points, gain EXP, and become VIPs most of the time. When students couple, their hidden information in their profile can be seen within the two. When coupling, these two students needs to know the real person in the school.

Desired Color - when first entering the 30 Minute World through Selections, students can choose a Signature Color (check the terminology for it). But can also buy Desired Colors to change the color of skating shoes, racing cars, and other props. This is only if the student does not like their signature color anymore.

Entrance - it literally just means that students type in their 30 Minute World identity number to get in.

EXP Card - a prop that students can buy in the shop. It only gives double EXP though.

Flying Card - another prop that is bought in the shop. If using a Wing, then students can fly (not during racing or games) but in SCHOOL CLUBs or in Brains Mode.

Head Accessory - students have other accessories that they can buy in the shop, but a head accessory is only available if a student couples another student.

Identity Number - a student identity number in real life schools. Prefix: 0010. Middle number: 1-8 and 8A. Suffix: Identity number.

Interacting System - determines how students communicate with others. They can say their own expressions instead of typing like in a game. It is also the same as how a couple interacts with each other so that they can have interacting points.

Levels - typically just what it means as "levels". The highest level is Level 175.

Mails and Notes - could be of any kind; messages, notes, mails, announcements, events, etc. They can randomly pop up in the screen of the student as a warning or reminder.

Maps - if a student is going to a racing mode, then racing would need maps.

Map Records - a student's fastest time while racing in a particular map.

Modes - the biggest mode is the Brawn Mode and the Brains Mode. The Brawn Mode consists of other small modes; mini games, racing, etc. The Brains Mode is usual; logic and studying and doing school achievements.

Points - there are so many other types of points such as Interacting Points and Achievement Points, but this one is used as a Money System. Students can buy things at the Shop with Points earned from participating or winning games and school studying. All Points reset in a month and the highest Points saved in one month was 104000.

Props - students can earn specific props or buy them. They are good use for opening rewards and or good for leveling up. The most used props are EXP Card, Flying Card, and Change Name Card. They are not always cards though.

Racing Car - not only from the selection with school weapons, but students would need it if they go play on a race game to complete achievements.

Rank - there are a lot of rankings; The Top Ranking for all schools/universities together and the School Top Ranking for only one school/university (based on levels in general). However, the School Top Ranking consists of other small branches too; such as Achievement Ranking, SCHOOL CLUB Ranking, Couple Ranking, Activity Ranking, Brawn Ranking, Brains Ranking, etc. to very creative rankings.

SCHOOL CLUB - capitalized so that it is not the same as regular school clubs in real life. School clubs accept members and works like a Guild.

School Weapon - mostly tools used in real schools. Tools could be such as file cases, backpacks, magnifying glass, books, supplies, etc.

Screen Name - a name that hides the original name of the student in the real world.

Selection - if this student did not create a screen name in the first day of the 30 Minute World, then they would have to select a few options for creating it. Type in a Screen Name, Rearrange their Looks (like hair shorter, longer, bun, braids, spiky, etc.... not like the whole appearance), and Pick a Selected Racing Car or School Weapon (not real weapons; tools).

Shop - typically what it means as "shop". Students can buy a racing car, a desired color, props, stat upgrades, wings, accessories, skating shoes, stage lights, school weapons, and outfits using Points.

Signature Color - the first color that a student picked when they entered the 30 Minute World. It will be displayed as a Signature Color even if bought another Desired Color (it does not effect anything though).

Skating Shoes - another type of racing material students can gain once they reach Level 85. Used to race instead of just racing cars.

Stage Light - mostly referred to as "Profile Lights". They can be used around the car or around the student. Not every student needs one.

Stats - typically just what it means as "stats". It is used to determine the stats of a student and can be found in their Student Profiles. There are 6 stats: Speed, Intellect, Combat Power, Acceleration, Control, and Experience.

Student Profiles - each student would have their own student profile in the 30 Minute World. Other students can click on the specified student and check their profiles for stats, achievements, and other things. A student can hide or display their Identity Numbers, Losses/Wins, Stats, etc.

Titles - mostly called by other students to specified people. It can become a very own Category... for example, Rank One was the First Completer and after that there were so many completers, they fall into that category.

Wings - every student would need a wing for some reasons, but they don't need it at all times. It is used as a signature wing but they can still change it. Students can buy wings or achieve wings. However, wings may not be wings... it could be backpacks and other things carried or belonging on the back.